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To Notice: A simple color class allows HTML colors to be defined with simple syntax, with a few math operations. Some example ways to define colors::
color(hex_rgb)      // example: color(0xFF0000)
color(html_string)  // example: color('#0F0') or color('#00FF00')
color(rgb_a)        // example: color('#0F0',0.5) or color(0x0000FF,0.25)
color(r,g,b)        // example: color(255,0,255)
add, sub, and mix methods allow colors to be modified:
c.add(0xFF0000)      // add red to existing color
c.sub(0xFF0000)      // subtract red from existing color
c.mix(0xFF0000,0.75) // mix existing color with red (ration 25% to 75%)
methods r(), g(), b(), & a() can be used to get or set these components:
c.r()       // return the red value of color
c.g(255)    // set the green component to 255 (maximum value)
c.a(0.75)  // set alpha value (opposite of opacity) to 75%

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