Text form of EngiNurse Resume

Brent Noorda, RN, BSN, BSEngPh
Nurse / Software Engineer
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
brent.noorda@gmail.com – www.brent-noorda.com/portfolio
Seeking to combine a Nursing position with my background in Systems Engineering and Computer Science. My goal is to improve patient care by optimizing EMR processes, providing caregivers more accurate and efficient access to information, and more time for giving care.
Samuel Merritt University - Oakland, CA - May 2017
  Bachelor of Science in Nursing
	Summa Cum Laude - GPA 4.0 (including SMU and all prerequisite courses)
	Student Representative to SMU administration and faculty
	Member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing
	Clinical Sites spanning 7 hospitals, 3 EMR systems, and 1 Telehealth center
University of California - Berkeley, CA
  Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics
	Highest Honors

Healthcare Licensures and Certifications
	RN - Florida Board of Nursing, Lic #9492196, exp Jul 2022
	RN - California Board of Registered Nursing, Lic #95135569, exp Oct 2020
	BLS/CPR/AED - American Heart Association, exp Nov 2020
	ACLS - American Heart Association, exp Nov 2020
	PALS - American Heart Association, exp Aug 2019
Registered Nursing Experience
    RN, Medical-Surgical Orthopedic - Palms of Pasadena Hospital – Dec 2018 - Apr 2020
	Perform assessments, wound care, pain control, intakes, and discharges for 5-6 pre-and post-surgical patients.
	IV, IM, enteral, subcutaneous and oral medication administration and documentation utilizing EMar and Alaris pumps.
	Educate patients regarding their medications, procedure and treatments. Provide preoperative, inter-operative and post-operative care instruction.
	Electronic documentation of patient plans of care, assessments, I/Os, safety, incidents, and progress.
	Graduate of StaRN nurse residency program.
	Multiple DAISY Award nominations.
    RN, Order of Malta Oakland Clinic – Mar-Aug 2018
	Patient intake & outpatient follow-up.
	Monitor records and coordinate among care across facilities for mammogram program.
Computer Programming / Engineering Experience
NASA (consulting) - Nov 2010-present
	Consult, test, and develop flight software for upcoming James Webb Space Telescope
	Achievement award recipient
Startup Partnerships • Oakland, CA • Jul 2010 - Nov 2011
	Kangaroo Caller • Telephone reassurance supporting elder independence
	Aisle Zero • Same-day shopping, delivery, and surveillance from multiple grocery stores
Jawbone/Aliph (Togeru+Radioweave acquisition) • S.F., CA • Jul 2010 - Nov 2011
	Created backend web infrastructure for large scale and multiple clients, with zero downtime, analytics, debugging, alerts, etc… (using ec2, python, greenlets, mysql, mongodb…)
RadioWeave/YiqYaq (founder/CEO/dev) • Redwood City, CA • Jun 2007 - Dec 2011
	Built a streaming, personalized, social radio business for desktop and mobile
	Created tools to ingest and normalize audio from all sources (uploads, urls, phone, podcasts, and text-to-speech for twitter, Facebook, weather, and traffic)
	Coded web service using python, django, ec2, mysql, html, css, yui, jquery, flash, java, c
	Designed RESTful API and mobile UI for iPhone, Android, & Blackberry
Openwave (Nombas acquisition) • Redwood City, CA • Jan 2004 - May 2007
	Joined team that rewrote the leading mobile browser to handle the full web
	Created BTE (Big Test Environment) to replace large ineffectual QA group with continuous, automated testing across life cycle from development to deployed devices
	Doubled performance of their next-gen c/c++ platform
	Designed and promoted phone architecture to create html-based web apps
	On core team that created Midas, a scripted rapid-development mobile framework
Nombas (founder/CEO/dev) • Medford, MA • 1992 - 2003
	Headed company that was the leading developer, innovator, licensor, and evangelist of script language tools, licensing our JavaScript engines and tools to C, C++, and Java developers for everything from embedded devices to massively parallel servers
	Invented Cmm (C minus minus, later Javascript) and CEnvi (Shareware of the Year)
	Built test farm and tools that guaranteed rock-solid operation (even under all memory-failure conditions) on a dozen operating systems (embedded, desktop, mainframe, and exotic)
	Achieved many firsts: embedded C-like scripts, scripted HTML browser, JSON & Ajax (under different names), distributed agent and SOAP-like computing, event-driving parallel server scripts
Shiva, Addax, Lotus, Verbex Voice, Tops/Sun, Cetus, Novell & NASA • 1981 - 1992
	Wrote many programs using many languages: (Assembly (6502, 808x, 360, 390), Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++ and more) on many platforms (DOS, UNIX, VMS, RSX, PDP, OS/2)
	Implemented full fast/small network stack from interrupts to tcp/udp/ip to ftp/telnet/vt100
	Created rapid-prototyping DOS GUI environment to immensely reduce development costs· developed trained speech-recognition products using dsp, fft, research, and cheap parts