#link Libraries
This is very old documentation for an old product no longer support. For more old documents, see Old Nombas User Docs

The #link statement lets you to include compiled external libraries in your scripts. External libraries execute processor intensive tasks much faster than ordinary JavaScript code, extending its power and increasing performance time. A minor downside is that they cannot be edited by the user.


Routines for working with sockets.


Routines for providing ODBC database
connectivity. Please note that the ODBC
version for 16 bit windows is a .jsh file,
and not a #link file as with the other
operating systems.


This library lets you create .gif files
on the fly. See EST clock and
Piechart for examples that use
this library.

Two libraries of wrapper functions
go with this library: grflib.jse,
for creating graphs, and imglib.jse, for
creating images. (The links above
download the appropriate file).


Routines for regular expression searches.


Routines for OLE Automation.