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Socket write()


socket.write(source, description)


source - Source variable to write to the socket


description - Variable description describing how to write the source variable to the socket.



number - the number of elements written.



This method is almost identical to Clib.fwrite(), except that it writes to the current socket, rather than to a supplied file. The description variable acts in the same way as in Clib.fwrite(). If it is a positive value, then source is treated as a buffer of the specified length. Otherwise, description must be a Blob value (SWORD8, UWORD32, etc) or a blobDescriptor object describing how the data should be written to the socket. If source is a buffer, then the number of bytes written is returned, otherwise 1 is returned if the datum is successfully written, -1 otherwise. Use Socket error() to determine the nature of the error.



#link <sesock>, Clib.fwrite(), Socket read(), Socket error()



function writeInfo( socket, info )


   if( !socket.write(, 12 ) ||

       !socket.write( info.age, UWORD8 ) ||

       !socket.write( info.extension, UWORD16 ) )

      return false;


      return true;



/* This function will write the contents

 * of the info object to the

 * specified socket in a native data format.



Socket object static methods