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seGetInternalString(secontext se,

                    sestring str,

                    sememcount *len);


se the context the string is part of


str the sestring to get the text of


len an output parameter filled in with the length of the string's text in characters (len may be NULL)



The text of the string



Retrieves the text of a member described by an sestring. The len parameter (if not NULL) is filled in with the length of the returned string in characters. The value returned by this call follows the same lifetime rules as seGetString, and the string returned by seGetInternalString may in all other ways be treated as one returned by seGetString.


Note: Prior to the se501a release, the value returned by this call could be stored in a temporary location and was only guaranteed to be valid until the next call into the script-engine API. This older behavior may be defining SE_GETINTERNALSTRING_NO_LIFETIME in your jseopt.h file.



seInternalizeString, seInternalizeStringHidden,seCloneInternalString, seFreeInternalString, seGetString, seFreeString