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This is the main debugger status command. The application responds with one of these two:


LOCATION filename:line-number DEPTH depth



Note that depth 0 represents being outside of a script. In the first instance, depth will never be 0. When the script reaches its end, the depth will be 0. If the debugger find the depth to be 0 on the first call, it means the script had a syntax error in it. See GET/STRING below to retrieve error messages.


Often, the debugger will follow up this command with a SEND FILE command if the given filename is one it has not seen before. The REPORT command is typically issued when the connection first begins then right after any of the GO/STEP commands listed below. However, the debugger may use this command more frequently in development to ensure it is properly keeping itself in sync. It can issue this command and check against its internal records and, if they don't match, the debugger has a problem.


If the filename contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotes (i.e. "filename").


SEND FILE filename