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GET object index

Get any variable on the application. The object can be:









The object id is returned when getting variables and allows recursing of variables. The index, which does not apply to EVAL_RESULT and should not be included in this case, indicates which member of the object is being queried.


The values returned for GLOBAL are the global variables. LOCAL is the local variables. THIS is the current this object. FUNCTION does not take an index and is the name of the executing function. EVAL_RESULT also does not take an index and is the result of the last EVAL command. Errors are also stored here.


Results from the application include:



If the index is beyond the number of members




   BOOL true or false

   NUMBER number

The given member is of the given type and value.


   STRING LENGTH string-length-in-bytes

   string data


If the value is a string.


   UNICODE STRING LENGTH string-length-in-bytes

   string data


To pass a unicode string, length will be twice number of chars. Unicode chars are passed in little endian byte order.


   OBJECT #object-id

If the value is another object.


STRING object index