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The second and third parameters are linked togethor. The third parameter, interp_type, indicates what the second parameter, to_interpret, is. Here are the possibilities:




SE_FILE seconstcharptr

SE_TEXT seconstcharptr

SE_PRECOMP ubyte *

SE_FUNC seobject

SE_FILE indicates a filename, which is read, parsed, and interpreted.


SE_TEXT, which we've already seen above, indicates the source code is a text string.


SE_PRECOMP allows you to execute a precompiled script. You pass as the parameter the script buffer that was given to you by the sePrecompile ScriptEase API call.


SE_FUNC allows you to execute a function. You pass the function you wish to execute. Remember, in JavaScript, a function is just an object. You can retrieve the function you wish to call via the seGetObjectEx API call.