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Unpacking ScriptEase:ISDK/C


The distribution you received should first be installed on your system. For Unix, the distribution is a compressed tar files that can be unpacked anywhere on your system. This unpacking will produce a single directory tree containing the ScriptEase ISDK installation. This tree contains all of the files you will need to integrate the ScriptEase ISDK into your application. It also contains a number of sample ISDK applications. In this manual, we will often refer to filenames and directories. Those should be understood to be relative to the directory you unpacked ScriptEase into. For instance, if you unpacked ScriptEase in the directory /usr/src/se501 and we refer to the filename src/include/foo.h, then you should understand that to be referring to the file /usr/src/se501/src/include/foo.h on your system.


The ScriptEase distribution contains a number of subdirectories. The lib directory contains the makefiles and targets to build the ScriptEase ISDK library files themselves. If you have received an evaluation version, prebuilt versions to link with are in this directory. The src directory contains the ScriptEase source code. The manual directory contains a copy of the manual. The tests directory contains script tests for the engine. The tools directory contains some scripts for ScriptEase self-testing. Finally, the samples directory contains some simple applications that use the ScriptEase ISDK.


Sample Applications