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Add To Project Mode



Add To Project mode can be used to automatically link ScriptEase core and extended library files created in Build Libraries mode directly into your Visual Studio project. You will then be able to immediately start using ScriptEase functionality directly within your application.


To add to ScriptEase libraries to your project, following instructions below:



The Recently built .lib files box will display the last set of .lib files generated by Selib Assistant. If this box is empty, be sure to use the Build Libraries mode first before continuing.

In the Select build type to add box, choose either Debug or Release libraries to add to your project.

In the Filename box, enter your Visual Studio project (.dsp file) that you would like to link the libraries to.

If you’d also like to add the ScriptEase library .dsp files into your project’s Workspace, then check the Add ScriptEase .dsp file(s) to Workspace option.

Click the Add Now button.



Selib Assistant will link the .lib files into your project and optionally add their .dsp files to the Workspace.