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Represents the possible datatypes a ScriptEase variable can have. The following are the possible values for a variable of type sedatatype:



The value is the undefined value which is a particular value in JavaScript. The JavaScript expression void 0 generates an undefined value. Variables created with the var statement but not yet assigned any value likewise are of the undefined value.



The value is the JavaScript null value.



The value is a boolean, either true or false, and maps to the ScriptEase C sebool typedef described below.



ScriptEase can be built with floating point enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, ScriptEase numbers are integers only, otherwise they are floating point number. The ScriptEase typedef senumber is used to hold the value as described below.



The value is a string and maps to the secharptr typedef described below.



The value is a buffer, a special ScriptEase array of bytes. It maps to ubyte *.



The value is an object. ScriptEase objects are identified by the seobject typedef handle.