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Blob.size(BlobVar[, SetSize]) 





BlobVar - binary large object variable to use.


SetSize - size to which to set BlobVar.


DataType - the type of data with which to work.


bufferLen - the length of data to work with as a buffer or byte array.


DataStructureDefinition - definition of a structure (object) variable.



number - bytes in a Blob variable. If SetSize is passed, then that value is returned.



This method determines the size of a Binary Large Object, Blob. The parameter BlobVar specifies the Blob to use. If SetSize is provided, then the Blob BlobVar is altered to this size or created with this size.


If DataType, bufferLen, or DataStructureDefinition are used, Blob.size() returns the size of a Blob that would contain the type of data item used in by Blob.get() or Blob.put(). In these cases, these parameters specify the type to be used for converting ScriptEase data to and from a Blob.


Blob.size returns the size of a Blob, which is the number of bytes in BlobVar. If SetSize is supplied, then the return is SetSize.



Blob get(), Blob put(), _BigEndianMode, Buffer object



blobDescriptor object