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Clib Object


platform: All operating systems; all versions of SE


The Clib object contains functions that are a part of the standard C library. Methods to access files, strings, and characters are all part of the Clib object.


Some of the functions in the Clib Object overlap the methods in JavaScript. In most cases, the newer JavaScript methods should be preferred over the older C functions. However, there are times, such as when working with routines that expect null terminated strings, that the Clib methods make more sense and are more consistent in a section of a script.


Clib functions with equivalent methods in JavaScript are noted as such. Since ScriptEase, JavaScript and the ECMAScript standard are developing and growing, generally, a programmer should favor the JavaScript methods over equivalent methods in the Clib object.


The methods in this section are preceded with the Object name Clib, since individual instances of the Clib Object are not created. For example, Clib.exit() is the syntax to use to exit a script.


Console I/O functions

Time functions

Script execution


File I/O



Environment variables

Character classification

String manipulation

Memory manipulation


Variable argument lists