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COM object


   title: COM object link library

platform: WINDOWS; All versions except WMLScriptEase

  source: #link <comobj>


The Component Object Model, COM, allows communication among the software of various applications, at least applications that support COM. The COM object library provides the ability to use COM objects from within scripts. COM is underneath a number of technologies, such as, ActiveX Automation, ActiveX controls, and ActiveX documents.


In general, the technique that allows one application to use objects in another is known as Automation, which some people may remember by an older phrase, OLE Automation. An application may be an Automation server or an Automation client (also known as an Automation controller). The ScriptEase function COMCreateObject() allows a script to be an Automation client but not an Automation server.


A full description of COM objects is beyond the scope of this reference manual. Since each Automation server exposes its own objects with unique names, a scripter must have the documentation for the objects of the applications to be used. ScriptEase only provides the ability to connect to and use COM objects.