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Using the Preprocessor


The Preprocessor.jar file is located in the ‘Tools’ directory of the distribution. A simple example of its usage follows:


java -jar Tools\Preprocessor.jar Foo.jsrc

This example would preprocess the file Foo.jsrc (assuming it exists) and output The preprocessor accepts the following command line parameters:


-I <dir> : adds the <dir> to the Preprocessor's include path.  

-O <dir> : places the output files into <dir>

To preprocess all of the Nombas source files, run the following commands from
the root of the distribution:


java -jar Tools\Preprocessor.jar -I Include COM/Nombas/jse/Isdk/*.jsrc


java -jar Tools\Preprocessor.jar -I Include COM/Nombas/jse/utilities/*.jsrc


java -jar Tools\Preprocessor.jar -I Include COM/Nombas/jse/libraries/*.jsrc

Since no output directory was specified, the preprocessed .java files are placed in the same directory where the corresponding .jsrc files were found.





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