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interface: SEGetNameByIndexCallback


public int getNameByIndex(SEContext se, int index);


A companion routine to getByIndex, this is used when a script wants to iterate through your object using the statement. You must return the names of your object's members according to their index. Like getByIndex above, it is only permissible to reorder your object if a member is added or removed. Return -1 to indicate an index beyond the number of members in your object. Otherwise return the internalized version of your member's name (see seInternalizeString). The internalized string will be freed when you return it just as if you called seFreeInternalString. This is useful in the majority of cases in which you create the name to return and no longer need it locked. If you do need to retain a lock on the returned string, use seCloneInternalString to make a duplicate to return.


interface: SEMaxIndexCallback