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There are a number of stock member names, which are used via this method. The JseStrID of such a stock string is put as the argument to the method such as SE.STOCK(JseStrID.length) or SE.STOCK(JseStrID.this). For a particular string, such as length, SE.STOCK(JseStrID.length) is equivalent to SE.MEM(“length”). The advantage to using the SE.STOCK method it that the method is faster. However, only some of the more commonly used member names are available with SE.STOCK.


The following variable names have stock IDs and can be used with the SE.STOCK method:


Array Boolean Buffer Date


Exception Function Number Object


RegEx String __parent__ _argc


_argv _call _class _construct


_prototype _value arguments callee


constuctor global length main


preferredType prototype this toSource


toString valueOf