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ScriptEase JavaScript


ScriptEase is a scripting or programming language that allows a computer user or programmer to write simple scripts with tremendous power. The guiding principles for ScriptEase are simplicity and power which add up to easy elegance in scripting. Scripts are much easier to write and use than the source code for compiled languages such as C++.


ScriptEase uses JavaScript, one of the most popular scripting language in today's world, as its core language. In fact, ScriptEase uses the ECMAScript standard for JavaScript. ECMAScript is the core version of JavaScript which has been standardized by the European Computer Manufacturers Association and is the only standardization of JavaScript. ScriptEase closely follows and will follow this standardized JavaScript.


ScriptEase is not limited to JavaScript, as good as it may be. ScriptEase has enhanced the power of JavaScript by adding two objects, Clib and SElib, that have the power of the C programming language. Indeed, ScriptEase implements a scripting version of C which has the power of C in a simple scripting language. With the power of C readily available, computer users or programmers are able to accomplish any tasks that they pursue. Both JavaScript and C script can be intermingled in ScriptEase code, which allows scripters flexibility, power, and simplicity.


The following line is a complete script which could be saved as a script file and run as a program. The program simply displays a message, "A simple one line script," on a computer screen


Screen.writeln("A simple one line script")


The following code fragment uses a more structured approach to accomplish the same task. JavaScript and C share similar programming styles, such as the main() function shown in this fragment.


function main()


   Clib.puts("A simple one line script");



A ScriptEase script may be written using a very straightforward scripting approach as shown in the first example above, which is similar to the simple scripting of a DOS batch file. A second line could be added to the single line as shown in the following fragment.


Screen.writeln("A simple one line script")

Clib.puts("Now there are two lines")


The example using the main() function could be expanded as follows.


function main()


   Clib.puts("A simple one line script");

   Screen.writeln("Now there are two lines");



These examples illustrate how easily ScriptEase can be used in a simple scripting mode and how easily the power of functions can be put in a script, and not just the power of functions, but the power of C. They show how easily JavaScript and C script can be intermingled, since C is implemented as a JavaScript object. Functions and other programming concepts are explained in the following descriptions of the ScriptEase language. A tutorial section provides illustrations of scripts in addition to the example code fragments in the text.


Most JavaScript, other than ScriptEase, is part of web browsers and is used while users are connected to the Internet. Usually people are unaware that JavaScript is commonly being executed on their computers when they are connected to various Internet sites. Not only are they unaware, they are unable to write and execute scripts on their computers for their own uses. ScriptEase steps in at this point. ScriptEase Desktop is designed for users to control their own computers in a stand alone mode. Users do not have to be connected to the Internet to use ScriptEase, as they must be with other JavaScript interpreters.


Whether the desire is to write a simple script to copy a document to a backup folder or to write an entire data processing program, ScriptEase can do the job or any other job desired. ScriptEase has joined JavaScript and C. Further, ScriptEase adds commands and functions not available in standard implementations of either. In short, ScriptEase is the most powerful and advanced scripting language available today, and it achieves its power while still being simple to use.


The following sections of this manual will help you to start enjoying the power of ScriptEase.


Basics of ScriptEase


Data types

Automatic type conversion

Properties and methods of basic data types


Flow decisions statements

Exception handling