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Sample Script


Here is a sample ScriptEase Desktop security script. If you use it, then the desktop scripts will not be allowed to use any insecure functions except a few file-related ones. In addition, Clib.fopen() will only be allowed to open files in the C:\temp\ directory.


function jseSecurityInit(security_var)


   /* allow basic file manipulations, but nothing fancy, and 

   * make sure to examine all open calls very carefully.









function jseSecurityGuard(security_var, func, filename)


   /* we only guard the fopen call, so this should be it */

   Clib.assert( security_var==Clib.fopen );


   /* get the full path so the user can't trick us with something

   * like: 'c:\\temp\\..\\windows\\win.ini'


   var actualname = SElib.fullpath(filename);


   /* We only want to allow files in this directory to be opened.


   return Clib.strnicmp("c:\\temp\\",actualname,8)==0;