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SEContext.sePrecompile(String to_interpret,

                       int interp_type,

                       SEEvalParams params); 


to_interpret the text of the script or the filename to compile


interp_type how to interpret to_interpret, either SE.TEXT or SE.FILE


params used to get the virtual file and line number only.



The bytecodes



This routine compiles a script into the corresponding bytecodes. The file to precompile is specified exactly like seEval and must be either SE.TEXT or SE.FILE. The given file is precompiled and the resulting bytecodes are returned. Usually, these bytecodes are then written to disk for use later.


The bytecodes can be passed as the item to evaluate in a later seEval call with SE.PRECOMP as the type. The bytecodes must be freed using seFreeBytecodes. Although the script is precompiled, it is not added to the context or run. The context will be unchanged as a result of this call.


You can provide the optional params object. Only the xxxLineNum and xxxFileName methods of the object are used.