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interface: SEFileLocation


public String seFileFindFunc(SEContext se,String fileName,

                             boolean findLink);


The seFileFindFunc is used used by ScriptEase when looking for source files. The filenames being looked for are the filenames passed to the #include and #link directives. The parameter findLink tells you which kind if being looked for: true for a #link extlib, false for a #include include file. (Note: the #link directive is not currently implemented for Java, so this parameter should always be false.)


If you do not implement this interface, then files are looked for directly, meaning that the filename given must appear exactly as specified in the current directory. By implementing this function, you can handle looking for these files with various extensions in various directories. You are passed fileName, the file to be looked for. This is the text that appears in the directive exactly as the user entered it. You return a string containing the translated filename if the file was found. Return null if the file could not be found.




interface: SEGetSourceFunction