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SElib.messageFilter(hWnd[, message[, ...]])


hWnd - a number, the handle of a window created by SElib.makeWindow() or subclassed with SElib.subclassWindow().


message - one or more messages to be processed by the window to which hWnd points.



object - an array of messages being filtered prior to this call to SElib.messageFilter(). Returns null if no messages are in the filter, that is, all messages are passed through to ScriptEase functions or if hWnd is not a handle for a window processed by SElib.makeWindow() or SElib.subclassWindow().



For Win32 and Win16


Restricts the messages being processed by windows created with SElib.makeWindow() or subclassed with SElib.subclassWindow(). Scripts run much faster if windows only process the messages that they act on, that is, just the messages that they need. Initially, there are no message filters so all messages are processed.


Calling this method with no parameters removes all message filtering.



SElib.makeWindow(), SElib.subclassWindow()