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Dynamic links for Win32, Win16, and OS/2


The dynamic link method, which varies in usage among the three platforms that support it, allows flexibility when making calls to dynamic link libraries, DLLs, and allows access to operating-system functions, API calls, not explicitly provided by ScriptEase. If you know the proper conventions for a call, then you can make an SElib.dynamicLink() call in a ScriptEase function to be used for making a system call. Such a function is referred to as a wrapper, a function in which a system call becomes available as a function call.


There are three versions of SElib.dynamicLink(): Win32, Win16, and OS/2. These three versions differ slightly in the way they are called. So, if you wish to use one function in a script that will be run on different platforms, you must create an operating system filter using preprocessor directives: #if, #ifdef, #elif, #else, and #endif.


Since these versions are different in the way that they call SElib.dynamicLink(), they will be treated separately.


See Win32 structure definitions.


SElib.dynamicLink() - for Win32

SElib.dynamicLink() - for Win16

SElib.dynamicLink() - for OS/2