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JSE_GC (on)


Normally, JSE_GC is on, meaning ScriptEase reclaims memory by garbage collecting. If JSE_GC is off and JSE_REFCOUNT is on, ScriptEase uses a reference counting scheme. This takes more memory and is slower, but it frees objects as soon as they become unused. It cannot detect cyclic loops. If both are on, reference counting is supplemented via garbage collection to find cyclic loops.


JSE_GC is noticeably quicker and less memory-hungry than is JSE_REFCOUNT. Garbage collection passes are quick as well, on the order of tenths of a milliseconds on a typical machine. Therefore, the main benefit of JSE_REFCOUNT is to find objects that have become freed as soon as they have done so. However, in most applications, you are better off leaving JSE_GC on and forcing a garbage collection (by calling seGarbageCollect) at any critical point that you need to ensure unused objects are freed.


By default, JSE_GC is on, and JSE_REFCOUNT is off. Note that either one or both of the following may be defined. However, at least one of the two must be defined. If both are turned off, JSE_GC will be selected automatically.


SE_OBJ_POOL_SIZE (1024, 128 if JSE_MIN_MEMORY is on)