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Language migration from Python - EcmaScript Equivalents for those migrating from Python (equivalents to Dictionaries, Lists, & Tuples)

Implementing VoiceXML (VXML) - Recommendations for integrating SE:ISDK into a VoiceXML application

Migrating from Mozilla - Equivalent ScriptEase function for those migrating from the Mozilla API

Getting Started with the SE:ISDK for Windows Users

Getting Started with the SE:ISDK for UNIX users

  • Understanding what you have received
  • Choose your user interface
  • Adding the Interpreter engine to your application
  • Adding startup and cleanup code to your application
  • Adding the ScriptEase Standard Function Library
  • Customizing the functionality to the ScriptEase Interpreter
  • Making your new functions available to the library
  • Testing your new functions

Basic concepts of ScriptEase: the Wrapper function -

Wrapper functions are the pieces of code where JavaScript and your application communicate.

Create your own Dynamic Objects

ScriptEase's Dynamic Objects allow you to change how an object's properties are accessed.




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