What is “simplicity and power through scripting?”
A short introduction to Nombas

Nombas provides scripting tools to make it easier to harness the power of computers and to put that simplicity and power into more hands. We do this with our ScriptEase tools built around the ScriptEase, JavaScript-compatible/EcmaScript-compliant, scripting language.

The Problem:
fat, complex, application programming

Today’s IT world has grown weary of continually running over-budget and under-staffed while creating incomplete applications that remain overly complex and yet never quite match their ever-changing end-user needs. It seems there are never enough new programming gurus to understand or solve the problems created by the previous set of programming gurus. And eighty percent of development projects are scrapped for not working or, when they do work, for meeting a set of needs that has changed since the project’s inception. Simply put: the old methods involving writing fat applications to solve particular IT needs does not work.

The Solution:

Scripting is now recognized as the fastest, simplest, and most-flexible method to create IT solutions. Whether by linking components--ActiveX, JavaBeans, Applications (thin, fat, new, or legacy), Libraries, Databases, HTML, and Servers--, allowing off-the-shelf applications to be customized, or automating workflow procedures, scripting has proven itself to be the way to build meta-applications for the present and the future. As scripting technology is increasingly being applied to a wide range of application development areas, there is a universal need for Nombas’ scripting tools.

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