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Jan 13, 2003

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"" What's developing in Dr. Scripter's laboratory

The weather has been firigidly cold here in New England, and so everyone in Dr. Scripter's labs has been keeping their bunsen burners on high as we work to improve the ScriptEase ISDKs.

Our next version 5 release (expected in February) will contain solutions to the most common needs that have been expressed by you, our customers. Our R&D continues to be guided by the needs of our customers. It's important that we get your feedback about how we're doing and on what you need for the future. If any of the following items are of special importance to you, if you want to work with a prerelease of any of these items, or if we're leaving something out that you feel is important, then let us know at the Nombas Support Site.

Here's what's cooking in Dr. Scripter's labs:

Workshop/IDE - Version 2.0 of the ScriptEase Workshop will include

  • Linux - A native Linux version of Workshop will be available, in addition to the Windows version
  • Debugger optimizations - Better performance on the most common debugger operations
  • Enhancements - Miscellaneous enhancements to the editor and IDE shell

Performance - A script engine can never be too fast...

  • Faster compilation - Compilation time is reduced
  • Java class rewrite - Most of the core-engine Java classes are being rewritten to run much faster while using less memory
  • Faster globals - The global-variable caching algorithms are being improved for faster access to global variables

Libraries - A new library and enhancements to old libraries:

  • Multiple Inheritance - The Multiple Inheritance Object, sample, and source, allow a script class to inherit the properties and behaviors of multiple base classes
  • SEDBC for devices - The SEDBC library has been updated to work with the Oracle Lite database, and so SEDBC is available for PalmOS and WinCE systems
  • Buffer Object comparisons - .equal() and .compare() methods have been added for instances of the Buffer Object

Threads - We're testing and developing tools for better overall performance of large multi-threaded environments

  • ServALot - This new sample let's us develop, test, and demonstrate recommended methods for supporting many simultaneous script threads
  • Shared Objects - Helper functions are being added to support sharing of writeable data between script threads (in addition to seShareReadObject which is already supported)
  • Semaphore support - Routines for simple script-based semaphores

Miscellaneous - Tools to make improve your ISDK experience

  • Unix build simplification - The make process for all Unix build is being streamlined
  • Compiler validation - Compilation modes are being added for a higher level of compile-time script validation
  • Low-memory testing - More-strenuous testing of low-memory situations

Have a question about how to use ScriptEase:ISDK? Let Dr. Scripter know at the Nombas Support Site


   ISDK/C 5.00e


   ISDK/C 4.40e


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   ISDK/Java 5.00e

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