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Apr. 18, 2002

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SE:ISDK/C 5.00 upgrade


SE:ISDK/Java 5.00 initial release


Nombas support site upgrade

ISDK/C 5.00b Errata

ISDK/C 4.40e Errata

ISDK/C 4.30f Errata

ISDK/Java 4.30f Errata

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"" SE:ISDK/C 5.00c upgrade now available

SE:ISDK/C version 5.00c errata release is now available. This 5.00c release includes:

  • An entirely new debugger integrated into the WorkShop, and a new debug-API defined for debugging remotely over TCP/IP. This replaces the versions of the debugger and debug API for all previous 4.x and 5.x releases.
  • Updates for all of the errata items from version 5.00b
  • Additional internal testing, when NDEBUG is not defined, to ensure proper use of the stack and of lifetime management of objects and strings
  • New APIs for locking and freeing strings retrieved from seGetString
  • Speed and memory optimizations for short strings (which average around 50% of all strings used)
  • Support for RIM/Blackberry platform
  • Core allocation failures no longer abort, but instead create ecmascript error objects and return normally (i.e. no more mustmalloc in the core; the next release will complete our work removing mustmalloc)
  • SEDynamicWrapper updated so it no longer requires STL, and will work with older C++ compilers
  • seEnableDynamicMethod API function has been restored
  • COMOBJ for Win32 has been updated for the version 5 API

To receive your SE:ISDK/C 5.00c upgrades contact with information about platforms and version needed.

SE:ISDK/Java 5.00c initial release

The gold-medal benefits of the new Version 5 API, as described in the January 11 Newsletter, are now available for SE:ISDK/Java application developers. This initial release is called 5.00c, to match the version number of the C release. This release includes the core engine and all of the standard libraries converted to the version 5 API. This 5.00c Java release does not yet have a finished document, and is not yet integrated with the workshop and the debugger.

To receive SE:ISDK/Java 5.00c upgrades visit

Support site upgrade

On April 17 and 18 we upgraded our Nombas Help & Support Site for improved performance, query options, and privacy. On these two days the support system was often disabled.

I don't think we lost any support issues, but there was a period where we were unable to respond to incidents. The system is now up and working and we're getting through all incidents quickly. I apologize for any delays in support during this upgrade period.

Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to upgrade features of our support system, but we do not expect any more periods where it will be disabled.

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   ISDK/C 5.00b


   ISDK/C 4.40e


   ISDK/C 4.30f


   ISDK/Java 4.30f

No new Java errata.

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