August 30, 2001

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SE:ISDK/C 4.40 general release

Errata for 4.30d release

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SE:ISDK/C version 4.40 now available
ScriptEase SE:ISDK/C 4.40 available, but so is 4.30

Version 4.40 is now available. As discussed in the previous newsletter, version 4.40 may be the best choice for you, or you can stick with 4.30. We will continue to update 4.30, with a 4.30e errata release coming soon.

What is new in 4.40?

The August 20 Newsletter describes the greatest differences between 4.30 and 4.40, and discusses whether you should switch now. Here is a brief listing of those and other changes:

Improved Memory Use: Structures and code have been tweaked to use les memory, sometimes much less memory.

Extended Memory Options: External memory systems (i.e. memory outside the standard malloc-like allocation heap) can be used to handle larger scripts and objects on smaller devices.

Fibers: Multiple fibers can share most of the script context, saving memory and providing enhanced performance for servers supporting many near-simultaneous events.

Named Arguments: foo(parm1:value) is now optionally supported in scripts.

Enumerate members option: jseGetNextMember() has a new option that will not create tempVars.

Performance enhancements: In our speed tests version 4.40 can run about 20% faster than 4.30.

More QA: More of our internal debugging tools,and more tests, have been added to improve QA for ourselves and for you.

New platforms: We've added more devices to our supported platforms: PalmOS, PocketPC, and RIM BlackBerry.

jsecontexts are consistent: The jseContext returned from initialization can now be used anywhere. jseCurrentContext() is no longer necessary.

Control over implicit flags in jseInterpret: More build and run-time flags have been added to control implicit-this and implicit-parents for the global or for all functions when calling jseInterpret().

C++ object wrapper: srcapp/jseobject is available to provide easier wrapping of C++ objects as ECMAScript objects.

What is not new in 4.40?

The API, with the exception of what is mentioned above, and supporting tools have not changed. The manual is still at 4.30 and will not be modified for this release.

Should I switch from 4.30 to 4.40?

If you need a feature that is in 4.40, then switch. If 4.30 has all you need and you've been using it for a while then stay with 4.30 (4.30e errata release will be available soon). Also, see the August 20 Newsletter for more discussion on this topic. If you are unsure then contact with your questions.

How do I get version 4.40?

Send a message to the Nombas Support Site requesting a 4.40c release and the platforms needed.

Have a question about how to use ScriptEase:ISDK? Let Dr. Scripter know at


  4.30d and earlier versions

  • jseCallStackInfo() crash: jseCallStackInfo() can crash using Variable object. This bug and a fix are at jseCallStackInfo() crash on the errata web site.
  • seuni.h C++ compilation errors: SEUNI.H causes compilation errors for some C++ compilers. This bug and a fix are at seuni.h C++ errors on the errata web site.
  • New COMOBJ: COMOBJ has been rewritten to be more robust and faster. See New ComObj for more information.
  • Altering "arguments" triggers assertion: In debug builds, assigning to or otherwise altering "arguments" tiggers an assertion. This bug and a fix are at "arguments" assertion on the errata web site.

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