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Nov 13, 2002

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SE:ISDK/C 5.00 upgrade

ISDK/C 5.00d Errata

ISDK/C 4.40e Errata

ISDK/C 4.30f Errata

ISDK/Java 5.00d Errata

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"" SE:ISDK 5.00e upgrade now available

SE:ISDK version 5.00e errata release is now available for C/C++ and Java & J2ME. In addition to fixing all known 5.00d errata items, this 5.00e release includes important improvements, API Additions, and support for new platforms. It's worth the upgrade.


  • Lower memory use - For small-memory builds, sevars have been reduced by 1/3 and objects have been reduced by almost 1/2. Most of the memory used by large scripts is in sevars and objects, and so the overall reduction in memory use is significant. For example, a 32-bit min-memory build can now initialize the engine and all libraries in less than 10K RAM.
  • Low-memory recovery - When memory is extremely limited, SE:ISDK/C 5.00e will take extreme measures (garbage collection, dumping of pools, reducing request sizes, and trying again) to recover. If all else fails an out-of-memory object is returned to all exception handlers (the engine or libraries cannot abort due to insufficient memory). The new MEMFAIL tester is included to automate testing of out-of-memory conditions.
  • Faster compilation - Scripts now compile faster. Typical scripts compile about 40% faster than in earlier releases.
  • Browser Library Updated - The browser library has been rewritten to be as small as possible, as fast as possible (especially on startup), and to comply with emerging browser expectations. By creating data only when first accessed, this new library loads up immediately and uses no more memory than necessary.
  • Faster SE_DYNA_UNDEF objects - Dynamic objects created using the SE_DYNA_UNDEF flag (so most objects do not need lookups) are now nearly as fast as standard objects (about 1% performance loss on standard members). This makes a big difference in overall script performance when the global object has dynamic callbacks.
  • Workshop/Debugger - The Workshop has been updated as a complete product, as described by the new included manual.

API Additions

  • seExistsDirect()/seExistsEx() - Check for whether a member exists without following prototype chain
  • seAssignEx() - Get the same SE_GF flags as seGetXXX and sePutXXX functions
  • JSE_LINE_CONTINUATION - This compile-time flag allows a backslash at the end of a line to mean that the string continues on the next line
  • sePtrXXX() - sePtrXXX() helper methods (e.g. sePtrAddObj(), sePtrFromObj(), etc...) provide validation and inheritance of SE_OBJECT_DATA associated with C/C++ objects
  • seGetCallbacks() - Retrieve the dynamic C callbacks associated with an object
  • SE_GF_UNDEF_OBJ_OK - This flag for seGetObjectEx() prevents an exception from being generated if the object does not exist and so cannot be converted to an object
  • seObjectMemberCountDirect() - Retrieve number of object members without inheritance
  • JSE_TRACK_MEMUSE added as default - This provides complete descriptions for how memory is used when seGarbageCollect(...SE_COLLECT_AND_ANALYZE...) is called
  • SE:ISDK/Java now supports shared read-only objects, so multiple contexts can share shared a common set of global scripts and libraries

New Platforms

  • DOS 16-bit - Large- and medium-memory models are supported for the MSVC 1.52 DOS 16-bit compiler
  • J2ME-MIDP - A J2ME configured for MIDP is now available

Upgrade Now

This is a very robust release. All 5.00 users should upgrade to 5.00e. To receive your SE:ISDK/C 5.00e upgrades contact with information about platforms and version needed.

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