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??? 10, 2003

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SE:ISDK/C 5.00 upgrade

ISDK/C 5.00f Errata

ISDK/C 4.40f Errata

ISDK/C 4.30g Errata

ISDK/Java 5.00f Errata

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"" QQQSE:ISDK 5.00f upgrade now available

SE:ISDK version 5.00e errata release is now available for C/C++ and Java & J2ME. In addition to fixing all known 5.00d errata items, this 5.00e release includes important improvements, API Additions, and support for new platforms. It's worth the upgrade.


  • servalot - more than what we had last time?
  • multiple inheritence - more than what we had last time?
  • shared objects
  • checking on typos - add more
  • new svelte way-better java version
  • servalot demo - more on this
  • Linux support/version of workshop
  • created SE_RELEASE_MODE for NDEBUG
  • new jsemem_coookie and support options
  • getponter and putpointer use real pointers
  • 64bit handling
  • our own regexp - unicode, etc, about 2/3 sizeof old one
  • SE_RELEASE_BUILD is new, add to jseopt.h
  • add SE_DEBUGPRINTF flag to jseopt.h
  • add JSE_MEMDOUBLE_LIMIT to jseopt.h
  • add SE_LOCK_PROTOTYPE_CACHE to jseopt.h






    Lower memory use - For small-memory builds, sevars have been reduced by 1/3 and objects have been reduced by almost 1/2. Most of the memory used by large scripts is in sevars and objects, and so the overall reduction in memory use is significant. For example, a 32-bit min-memory build can now initialize the engine and all libraries in less than 10K RAM.
  • qqqLow-memory recovery - When memory is extremely limited, SE:ISDK/C 5.00e will take extreme measures (garbage collection, dumping of pools, reducing request sizes, and trying again) to recover. If all else fails an out-of-memory object is returned to all exception handlers (the engine or libraries cannot abort due to insufficient memory). The new MEMFAIL tester is included to automate testing of out-of-memory conditions.
  • qqqFaster compilation - Scripts now compile faster. Typical scripts compile about 40% faster than in earlier releases.
  • complete product, as described by the new included manual.
  • NAME_KLUDGE enabled by default

API Additions

  • qqqseExistsDirect()/seExistsEx() - Check for whether a member exists without following prototype chain
  • qqqseAssignEx() - Get the same SE_GF flags as seGetXXX and sePutXXX functions
  • qqqJSE_LINE_CONTINUATION - This compile-time flag allows a backslash at the end of a line to mean that the string continues on the next line
  • qqqsePtrXXX() - sePtrXXX() helper methods (e.g. sePtrAddObj(), sePtrFromObj(), etc...) provide validation and inheritance of SE_OBJECT_DATA associated with C/C++ objects
  • qqqseGetCallbacks() - Retrieve the dynamic C callbacks associated with an object
  • qqqSE_GF_UNDEF_OBJ_OK - This flag for seGetObjectEx() prevents an exception from being generated if the object does not exist and so cannot be converted to an object
  • qqqseObjectMemberCountDirect() - Retrieve number of object members without inheritance
  • qqqJSE_TRACK_MEMUSE added as default - This provides complete descriptions for how memory is used when seGarbageCollect(...SE_COLLECT_AND_ANALYZE...) is called
  • qqqSE:ISDK/Java now supports shared read-only objects, so multiple contexts can share shared a common set of global scripts and libraries

New Platforms

  • qqqDOS 16-bit - Large- and medium-memory models are supported for the MSVC 1.52 DOS 16-bit compiler
  • qqqJ2ME-MIDP - A J2ME configured for MIDP is now available

Upgrade Now

This is a very robust release. All 5.00 users should upgrade to 5.00e. To receive your SE:ISDK/C 5.00e upgrades contact with information about platforms and version needed.

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