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 What is scripting? How does scripting differ from other computer solutions?

Scripting is the simple and powerful way to create computing solutions. System programming languages are too complicated and time-consuming for most IT tasks and users. Static tools (markup languages, compiled applications, pure-visual or table-based development) are too weak and inflexible for your tasks. Scripting covers the large span between system programming and static tools, the span where solutions are made, quickly, and by a large class of computer users--you don't have to be a programming expert to script, and if you are a programming expert then you'll be a lot more productive with scripting.

Scripting is now recognized as the fastest, simplest, and most-flexible method to create IT programming solutions. Whether by linking components -- ActiveX, JavaBeans, Applications (thin, fat, new, or legacy), Libraries, Databases, HTML, and Servers --, allowing off-the-shelf applications to be customized, or automating workflow procedures, scripting has proven itself to be the way to build total solutions for the present and the future.

Scripting tasks are handled by a script language, of which there are many. At Nombas we have specialized for many years in the ScriptEase language, which some people call "JavaScriptEase" because it is compatible with JavaScript, the most widely used language on the WorldWide Web.

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