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Getting Started

 I can't wait. How can I get started with Nombas scripting?

OK. You've read all about Nombas and the scripting revolution. You're ready to achieve simplicity and power through scripting.

Now what?

Follow one of the following links:

riptease:Desktop (SE:DESK) is a standalone ScriptEase interpreter and the quickest way to learn about the capabilities of scripting. With SE:DESK you can quickly try all of the language features, the debugging and IDE tools, the internet and distributed scripting technology, and the cross-platform runtime #link extensions.

While testing SE:DESK you'll soon find yourself using more and more of its tools for adding power and control to the daily use of your computer. If you're an integrator, VAR, or network administrator you'll see how much money can be saved by licensing SE:DESK for every system in your workgroup.

riptease:WebServer Edition (SE:WSE) provides leading-edge CGI support for any web server. SE:WSE shows off the performance and safety features provided by Nombas' scripting engine. The unique remote debugger, which allows real-time debugging of your web server, superbly demonstrates the distributed nature of the ScriptEase development tools. By testing the SE:WSE Arcade you can see ScriptEase in action running in real-time on Nombas' web server before you download anything!

If you're a WebMaster, expect to be stunned by the simplicity, capability, and time-saving debuggability of SE:WSE for your internet or intranet.

riptEase:Integration SDK (SE:ISDK/C or SE:ISDK/Java) is the engine for adding embedded javascript to any application. Our own products SE:DESK and SE:WSE were created with SE:ISDK/C, which is how our award-winning products stay ahead of the competition. Likewise, adding SE:ISDK scripting to your application will benefit your developers, your customers, and your partners.

If you are a C/C++ developer or Java developer then SE:ISDK/C or SE:ISDK/Java is the tool to complete your application.

e downloads are available for all of the products mentioned here, and more. The download library also contains scripts and extension libraries for all ScriptEase products.

mbas Homepage is a gateway to everything Nombas has to offer.

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