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The Only Complete ECMAScript Compliant JavaScript Engine
For Wireless and Handheld Platforms

Boston, Dec. 11, 2001 - Nombas, Inc., the leader in licensed scripting tools and technology, today announced Device JavaScript, the first scripting engine that fully meets ECMAScript standards for handheld and wireless platforms, including Palm OS, BlackBerry, and Pocket PC devices.

"Until now, the constraints of mobile devices made using JavaScript difficult, if not impossible" said Brent Noorda, President of Nombas. "Device JavaScript overcomes these barriers with its groundbreaking memory optimizations to enable even large and complex scripts to run effectively on handhelds and wireless devices."

Device JavaScript is the first JavaScript-compatible engine that can be deployed across Palm OS, BlackBerry, and Pocket PC platforms. It is also the only ECMAScript-compliant solution available for Palm OS and Blackberry systems. As part of Nombas' flagship product, ScriptEase™ Integrated SDK 4.40, Device JavaScript enables wireless and portable application developers to easily embed a JavaScript interpreter into their C/C++ and Java applications. In doing so, developers can simplify application design, speed up their development time, and significantly reduce the overall effort required to maintain these applications. In addition, it is now possible to create device applications that comply to the development standards of HTML and VoiceXML

"Using Device JavaScript, we were able to deliver a robust product many months earlier than expected and, at the same time, include features we did not even think were possible," said Richard Rubenstein, President of Jargon Software.

Technical Specifications

  • Requires less than 11 kilobytes of memory to initialize engine and all ECMAScript objects
  • Less than 1 kilobyte to compile a standard script, and a handful more kilobytes to add even a large number of additional objects.
  • Is 100% compatible with latest version of ECMAScript (ECMA-262, 3rd Edition)
  • Can run fully on device or share processing work with servers running the ScriptEase engine.
  • Supports true multithreading. Any number of threads can run simultaneously.
  • Enables "fibers" to run on an existing context to share memory.

A 30-day trial version of ScriptEase Integrated SDK with Device JavaScript support (and a real-world demo of a Device JavaScript application) can be downloaded at

About ScriptEase Integrated SDK

ScriptEase Integrated SDK is a JavaScript developer's kit for C/C++ applications and embedded systems:

  • Memory Performance - 200% faster and uses 66% less memory than competing solutions.
  • Cross-Platform Portability - Runs natively on over 15 platforms - ranging from Windows and Mac desktops, to UNIX server environments, to VxWorks, to the Palm OS.
  • Standards Compliance - Compliant with the ECMAScript (ECMA-262) international standard and 100% compatible with the JavaScript languages found in Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Additional Libraries - Additional libraries of extended scripting functionality unavailable anywhere else.
  • Customization - The product suite can be customized to meet the needs of any customer application.
  • ScriptEase ISDK/C is available for C/C++ programmers, and ScriptEase ISDK/Java is provided for Java developers.

About Nombas, Inc.

Founded in 1992, Nombas Inc. is the leading provider of licensed scripting tools and technologies. Nombas' product family is based on ScriptEase, an award winning scripting language that is 100% compatible with JavaScript and fully compliant with all ECMAScript standards.

ScriptEase product line offers developers and end-users the most complete, stable and advanced JavaScript implementation for C/C++ and Java programmers. Its unique functionality provides the foundation for powerful, portable, and easy-to-use scripting tools for desktop and networked computers as well as embedded, handheld, and Web environments. Nombas' customers are global Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, Intel, Nortel, AT&T, Compaq, and General Electric. Visit for more information.


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