Industry-standard scripting optimized for cell phones and other wireless devices.



WMLScript is a standard for scripting wireless devices. Defined by the WAP Forum, and based on ECMAScript/JavaScript, WMLScript has been modified for the special needs of wireless devices. These special needs include:

  • A standardized virtual-machine byte-code compatible across all compliant implementations
  • Small byte-code transmission size for low-bandwidth connections
  • Clear separation and interaction between servers and clients

Nombas has leveraged many years of experience in developing scripting engines, including the only commercial release of an Embedded-ECMAScript/JavaScript ISDK, to create the WmlScriptEase:Integration SDK (WMLSE:ISDK). This SDK allows any developer of client or server applications to conform to the new WAP specification for scripting.

Our online-manual describes the API and use of the WMLScriptEase Integration Software Development Kit.

Download WMLScriptEase:ISDK Evaluation