Funeral Letter for Tye Noorda:               By Elder Roland K Monson

read at the Tye Noorda Funeral, April 10, 2014

It is with great sadness that we received the news that our dear friend of so many years, Tye Noorda had passed away. When we last saw her, the day before we left for New Zealand, she waved to us until we drove out of sight. I said to Sheryl as we waved back, "this may be the last time that we see our dear friend in this life." Little did I realize that it would come in just six weeks after we left her that day.

It has been my privilege to be the Noorda’s home teacher for well over 30 years and to be in their home hundreds of times. I know of the goodness of Sister Noorda and her desire to share of her talents and faith with everyone. Their home was a wonderful environment, for my sons to learn how to be good home teachers and how to love a family they home teach. There they learned to teach the gospel, testify of the truth of the principles of the restoration, pray for this good family in their personal prayers and in family prayers, and participated in priesthood blessings given in the Noorda home.

When we would visit, she would frequently tell stories of growing up In Freedom, Utah and of her childhood there in a good home. She told of her experiences of moving to Salt Lake and there working and learning to write, speak and to perform.

She told stories of meeting a very impressive young engineer who returned to Salt Lake and swept her off her feet. She talked of her devotion to Ray and of his devotion to her, of the good man that he was, and how hard he worked. She talked about the many times they moved their family for Ray’s budding and growing career and of the many opportunities that it not only provided for him, but for her and their family. During those years she gained a great love for music and performing and modeling. She enjoyed writing and producing road shows and writing music with straightforward messages of how to handle adversity and trials and how to be happy and joyful. She frequently would share her songs with her home teachers along with others, who came to her home.

She would sing a short song she wrote called,’Do Duddle.’  The word go,” Do duddle, do duddle, do diddle dee, singing makes me happy as can be!

But one of her favorite activities was to have Ray sing and she would play the piano. She especially loved doing it for Ward functions. They would perform in Sacrament meeting along with Ward socials and she seemed to enjoy these occasions greatly. During her life she also taught hundreds of young people how to speak plainly and with authority, especially as they spoke in Sacrament meeting.

One of the greatest joys of Tye’s  life was to spend time together with Ray, serving in the Temple. She said that this was one of the most wonderful times for her, to feel the peace that comes from being in the Temple, and serving others beyond the veil.

It was with great satisfaction that she would reminisce about her and Ray’s great desire to provide good paying jobs in Utah. They never wanted accolades or praise but when the discussion of how much they helped thousands of families in Utah to have good jobs, have beautiful homes and pay for missions and education for their children, they would show considerable excitement.

They chose to live in an average home, in an average neighborhood, because they did not feel they were better than other people. They were not pretentious and they looked out for others needs. They have contributed generously to many organizations, schools, universities and to the church.  Their philanthropic activities have especially blessed people having physical and mental disorders, especially autism. She often talked about how good Brother Doug Gale was as he directed Scenic View. He put into action what they dreamt of. She was excited for the new dental school at the U of U that she helped fund.

After Ray passed away she would talk about her love for him and how much she missed him. She was always positive and optimistic with the exception of missing Ray. These past few years have been very difficult for Tye. She would frequently quote Pres. Hinkley after his wife, Marjorie Hinckley passed away, saying, "nobody really understands what it is like until they have been through losing their companion." Then she would say, " no one really understands what it is like for me to be without Ray". She then confessed of talking to his picture and knowing that he was near. She said, "I know he is close to help me with these problems, but I wish he would just come and tell me, out loud, what to do”.

I am sure that Ray has been close to her during these past years.

During this time she requested many priesthood blessings and always wanted her family to have those same blessings. She had a great trust in the Lord, knowing that he would bless her to be able to patiently persevere during this period.

She frequently talk about how she wanted all of her children to be active in the church, to study the gospel and to do what they should. She would talk about their strengths. John with his bright mind.  Alan with his goodness and kindness to everyone and how insightful he is. Andy, a good and caring father with his good children and family.  Brent with his steadiness and wonderful wife. Then with a quiet voice she would talk about her love for Val, her only daughter and how much she missed her. She often said what a beautiful girl that she was and what a wonderful husband and family she had. I have personally gained a great respect for the Noorda family as I listen to her talk about her children.

Tye Noorda is a noble woman and she knew that she was loved of the Lord and that he knew her by name and would protect her.

I'm sure on April 5, 2014 there was a great reunion that took place and that Ray was there to embrace his beautiful and good wife and that they had many things to visit about. I can only imagine the excitement for Tye to once again see Val and her parents, and to be joined together with Ray and his family.

I am sure that she now enjoys peace and is enjoying a period of time when the worries and the cares of the world are gone. In Alma 40:12 it says, “..that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, as state of peace, where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care and sorrow.”

She certainly is entitled to all the blessings of being in paradise.

Now Tye prepares herself for the day of her glorious resurrection.

And now, may the Lord bless this good family and protect them in this time of trial.  May they know that Tye and Ray are near and are concerned about them and what they are doing.  May they be wise and united as a family.

I leave you with my love and these fond memories and my testimony of the Lord and his plan for our happiness, even in this hour of grief.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

- Elder K Monson