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SEDBC Link Library


The link library, sedbc, has methods and properties for working with a database in ScriptEase. These methods and properties provide a high-level interface for working with ODBC databases. The Database object allows the user to create a connection to a database which can then be queried, manipulated, and so forth through direct SQL statements or by the Cursor object. SQL statements stored inside the database are known as stored procedures and can be called using the Stproc object, allowing for the use of complex database-specific procedures from a script. Finally, true ease of use is provided by the SimpleDataset object, which is a combination of a Database object and a Cursor object. As a package, sedbc allows a script to have detailed, low-level control of an ODBC database through SQL statements and easy to use, high-level routines at the same time.


Cursor object

Cursor Instance Properties

Cursor Instance Methods

Database Object

Database transactions

SimpleDataset object

SimpleDataset instance methods

SimpleDataset static properties

Stproc object

Stproc instance properties

Stproc instance methods