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Link with the ScriptEase libraries

The final step for integrating your application with ScriptEase is to link the ScriptEase object module libraries with your application. There are two object module libraries to link. These libraries are found within the lib/core and lib/library directory trees. The particular directory is identical to the text string associated with your operating system, as described above. Within those directories are user subdirectories, where your version of the ScriptEase libraries was placed when built in an earlier step. The libraries are named libsec501ar.a and libsel501ar.a respectively. For instance, if your system is Aix, then you would link with the object module libraries named lib/core/aix/user/libsec501ar.a and lib/library/aix/user/libsel501ar.a.


In addition to the release versions of the libraries, debugging versions are produced with the full version of ScriptEase. The library names end with an r for a release version and a d for a debug version. The Aix debug libraries are named lib/core/aix/user/libsec501ad.a and lib/library/aix/user/libsel501ad.a.


Using an alternate jseopt.h