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Using an alternate jseopt.h

Some users may require multiple jseopt.h files for multiple ScriptEase configurations. To accomplish this, first copy your lib/jseopt.h file to a new directory. Second, decide on an alternate directory name within the lib directory to have the ScriptEase object modules produced instead of the default user. For instance, you may want to use the name myconfig1. In this case, instead of finding the the Aix files in lib/core/aix/user, you would find them in lib/core/aix/myconfig1.


To rebuild a particular version of the ScriptEase libraries, you need to supply this information in the make command that builds them. Provide the variable JSEOPT_DIR with the full path of the directory you put the jseopt.h file in. Provide the variable BUILD_SUBDIR with the name of the subdirectory for your build. For instance, you might use:


make JSEOPT_DIR=/usr/src/myconfig1 BUILD_SUBDIR=myconfig1 aix-core


You will need to link your application with the particular version of the ScriptEase library you have just built.


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