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Advanced Integration - Debugging


A debug mode build is differentiated by the presence or absence of the NDEBUG flag. When this flag is on, asserts are removed and the fastest code is generated while when it is off, asserts are fleshed out to catch errors. ScriptEase follows this convention. When NDEBUG is undefined, ScriptEase adds a lot of debugging code. SciptEase builds debug and non-debug versions of its core and places them in specific directories as described above.


Using the debug build, many of the common ScriptEase problems, both in integration and scripting, are detected and reported to you. We encourage you to develop your application using the debug-mode of the ScriptEase library before contacting Nombas for technical support. Carefully following this manual chapter and building a debug-mode version will eliminate 90% of the problems commonly encountered and will save you valuable time rather than waiting for technical support to get to your question. If you encounter a true bug in our core, the added information produced in the debug-mode build will allow us to find it and create an errata more quickly.


Before you proceed to the next chapter on scripting your application, please look over the following common problems you will encounter. It is best to keep these in mind first, as many good habits are introduced. If you think of catching bugs as something to be done after your code is written, you will unfortunately spend a lot more time catching them. Prevention is the best cure.



Memory Tracking