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Selib Assistant


Selib Assistant is a visual tool to simplify the .lib building process of ScriptEase ISDK. Selib Assistant provides a visual 2-way means of working with the Jseopt.h file rather than dealing with the underlying source. It works directly with the actual header file, so that you can work interchangeably with the Selib Assistant or the source file itself.


Selib Assistant also automates the process of building the ScriptEase core and library .lib files using Microsoft Visual Studio and adding them to your own Visual Studio projects.


Note: You must have Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 installed on your system and in your path to use the Build and Add To Project features of Selib Assistant. If Selib Assistant does not find Visual Studio on your system, it will hide these features.















Description of Selib Assistant Modes

Set Options Mode

Build Libraries Mode

Add To Project Mode