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seIsBreakpoint(secontext se,

               seconstcharptr filename,

               uint lineNumber); 


se the context to check in


filename the file interested in


lineNumber the line in that file



A boolean, TRUE if the line is a valid breakpoint.



This function is provided for use by a debugger. It checks to see if it is possible for any function currently loaded to break at the given file and line. This check is intended to be called in response to a user request to set a breakpoint. Be warned that this call is very slow. The filename must match one of the currently loaded filenames (which can be found in the SE_FILENAMES object) or it cannot be a breakpoint and this function will return FALSE. If you have a seFindFileFunc callback in your context (described in The seContextParams Structure), the filenames that are used are the ones returned from this function, the translated filename, not the untranslated ones passed to the callback.