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SElib.baseWindowFunction(hWnd, message, param1,



hWnd - a number, a handle of the window receiving the message.


message - a number, a Windows message ID.


param1 - the first parameter of the message ID.


param2 - the second parameter of the message ID.



value - the value returned by the base window function. If the parameter handle is not a window with a windowFunction created with SElib.makeWindow() or is not a window subclassed with SElib.subclassWindow(), then the return is 0.



Calls the base procedure of a window created with a windowFunction in SElib.makeWindow() or subclassed with SElib.subclassWindow(). This method is normally used within a ScriptEase window function to pass the window parameter to the base procedure before handling it in your own code. Remember that if your window function returns no value, ScriptEase will call the base procedure automatically, which is the preferred method.



SElib.makeWindow(), SElib.subclassWindow(), Window object in winobj.jsh