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Nombas Developer's Space - Sample Applications

Here are several sample applications to show different aspects of integrating the ISDK into your application. Each of these samples are included in the ISDK evaluation download. Feel free to use them as a guide.

1) Simple0: The minimum code required to build an SE:ISDK sample. It runs code
directly from a buffer in the source code.

2) Simple1: This sample includes the ScriptEase interpreter and all of the
ScriptEase Standard library. You specify a single command line
script to execute.

3) Simple2: A GUI version of simple 1 that is windows specific. Runs either a
script called test.jse or typed in code whenever you press the
interpret button. This sample also demonstrates integration with
Nombas' debugger.

4) SimpEdit: A simple windows specific text editor with most of the functionality
made possible through scripts.

5) EcmaSamp: This sample is used to demonstrate using ECMA objects. It uses precanned
scripts and runs them automatically.

6) ObjSamps: Four different source files show various ways of creating your own
dynamic objects using ._get, ._put, ._delete, and other special
methods of dynamic objects.

7) Manual: This contains all the examples as shown in the manual. When you run
this sample, the test scripts are automatically run.

8) Notepad: This win16 and win32 samples shows how a macro library may be added
to the standard Windows' Notepad program.

9) Sescrnsv: Sample win32 scripted screen saver.

10) Browser: Minimal code to show settings required to link with the browser

11) Debug: Demonstrate integrating a scripted application with Nombas' debugger.

12) Wintok: Sample to demonstrate calls to compile and to use pre-compiled

13) Smalljse: Shows settings used to make a minimum-memory version of the ScriptEase

14) Macsamp: A macintosh sample javascript-enabled editor.

15) API Tests: This suite tests each API call. These tests are extremely useful for those who are porting the ISDK to other platforms (with an appropriate license from Nombas, of course), to ensure that the port has worked correctly for every callin the API.