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Automatic Wrapping of Existing Java Objects

How ISDK/Java does "introspection"

How we can magically wrap around a Java object wrapper function that will... The specific object is called (I think) javaObject.

The Java package includes several support classes found in the distribution in 'libs/' which implement the introspection being discussed. The sample 'samples/simple/' demonstrates using this code.

The standard way to allow a ScriptEase script to interact with Java objects is to write wrapper functions to explicitly extract needed information from these Java objects and make it available to the script. We have provided a Java class to do this in a generic way without the need to code explicit wrapper functions.

This code uses the Java reflection capability to examine any particular Java object and map it to a corresponding ScriptEase object. This ScriptEase object will have the same class members and methods that the Java object does.

When the script reads from or assigns to any member, the ScriptEase data is translated underneath from or to the corresponding Java data. When the script calls a method of the object, the parameters are translated to Java and the Java method is called. The Java return is translated back to ScriptEase data and made available to the script.

The result is that the script has access to a Java object that can be manipulated like any other ScriptEase object. The code to use this capability in your own ScriptEase: ISDK for Java application is in the file libs/ This file documents in the comment section near the top of the file how it is used.

A sample application that uses it is provided in,
samples/simple/ .

The file samples/simple/ is a very simple Java class that is made available and then manipulated in this sample.

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