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Feb 14, 2003

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SE:ISDK upgrades for 5.00, 4.40, and 4.30

5.00 enhancements

ISDK/C 5.00e Errata

ISDK/C 4.40e Errata

ISDK/C 4.30f Errata

ISDK/Java 5.00e Errata

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"" SE:ISDK upgrades available for all 5.00, 4.40, and 4.30 C and Java versions

SE:ISDK upgrades (i.e. errata releases) are now available for these versions:

  • SE:ISDK/C 5.00f
  • SE/ISDK/C 4.40f
  • SE:ISDK/C 4.30g
  • SE:ISDK/Java 5.00f
  • SE:ISDK/Java 4.30g

These upgrades fix all known errata items for their respective versions,and are now available.

Upgrade Now?

If you've been using 4.30 and 4.40 for a while with no problems, and have been keeping track of which errata items apply to you, then you may not want to bother with the upgrade hassles. 5.00 users probably will want the 'f' release for all of the added improvements.

To receive your SE:ISDK upgrades contact with information about platforms and version needed.


New in 5.00:

In addition to fixing all known 5.00e errata items, this 5.00f release has these improvements.
  • To avoid scoping issues (compilers mangling multiple functions to conflicting names), many of the internal identifiers have been given se-unique names. seoldver.h and the SE_OLDVER_500E compile-time flag have been created to help if you're using the old names and don't want to change your code.
  • Many functions in the RegExp object have been changed to return the exact values presented in most javacript books and in the majority of browser implementations.
  • The SEDBC database object has been updated to support Oracle Lite (giving database support for WinCE and other small platforms).
  • JSE_THREADSAFE_POSIX_CRTL is now on by default for unix builds, and so by default library function are thread-safe.
  • Number methods toExponential and toPrecision now present shorter number strings, with leading and trailing 0s removed.
  • The Buffer object now has equal() and compare() methods.
  • The ServALot sample (a port listener that will duplicate a script on a new thread for each new connection) has been created to demonstrate the recommended methods for handling many threads in the quickest and smallest way.
  • The MIO library and sample have been created to demonstrate how the ScriptEase implementation of the EcmaScript language can support handle multiple inheritance object-oriented programming.
  • Run-time option SE_OPT_REQ_SEMICOLON has been added to disable the EcmaScript rule that semicolons are optional
  • The unix makefiles have been streamlined for fewer steps.
  • The script-compiler (except for min-memory builds) is measurably faster.
  • The debugger has been optimized for improved performance
  • The global variable cache has been improved for faster access to recently-used global script variables
  • seContinueFunc() callbacks have been added during compilation so long compilations to not lockup time-critical system resources.
  • Complete floating-point has been to the Blackberry C builds (with JSE_FLOATING_POINT undefined it still reverts to integer-only).
  • Error objects have fileName, lineNum, and functionName fields added for fuller exception reporting.
  • JSE_TOOLKIT_APPSOURCE is now on by default for PalmOS builds, so that the entire script does not need to be in memory.
  • The test suite has been further expanded to simulate many more build options and worst-case run-time situations. (It's getting very hard to find new ways to crash this engine.)

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