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Mar. 11, 2002

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SE:ISDK upgrades for C and Java 4.30, 4.40, and 5.00

ISDK/C 5.00a Errata

ISDK/C 4.40d Errata

ISDK/C 4.30e Errata

ISDK/Java 4.30e Errata

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"" Errata/Upgrade releases now available for SE:ISDK version 4.30, 4.40, and 5.00

We have been thrilled by the response to the Version 5 release that was announced in the January 11 Newsletter. If ISDK APIs were an olympic event, Version 5 would win the gold medal. Thank you, judges.

SE:ISDK/C 5.00b is now available, addressing the errata since the 5.00a release as well as adding new platforms and features. Also available today are errata releases for the (silver- and bronze-winning) 4.40e version of SE:ISDK/C and the 4.30f versions of SE:ISDK/C and SE:ISDK/Java. These releases incorporate all of the errata updates that have been documented at the errata site.

What's new in Version 5?

SE:ISDK/C 5.00b now provides direct integration with Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET and also adds integration with the Windows CE compiler and platform. 5.00b is now available for these platforms:

  • Win32 (integration with MSVC6 and Visual Studio .NET)
  • WinCE
  • Solaris
  • Linux
  • HP-UX
  • Aix
  • Irix

What's next for Version 5?

We are constantly preparing and testing version 5.00 for new platforms and compiler enviroments. The next releases will be for Blackberry and Java versions, followed soon by Version 5 for PalmOS. A new debugger, integrated directly into the ScriptEase Workshop, will also be released this month. The many extension libraries are also being updated, tested, and released over time.

At Nombas we are driven be the needs of our customers. If we have not yet added support for your platform, or if we have not updated an extension that you require, let us know at

How do I get the new release?

To receive your upgrades contactr with information about platforms and version needed.

Have a question about how to use ScriptEase:ISDK? Let Dr. Scripter know at


   ISDK/C 5.00a

  • argv[0] is missing: When building with the JSE_MAIN_ARGC_ARGV option, argv[0] is supposed to be the script name, but argv[0] is missing. [Details]


   ISDK/C 4.40d


   ISDK/C 4.30e


   ISDK/Java 4.30e

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