V3 WSE debugger in action

The rIDE, remote, real-time, reconfigurable Integrated Development Environment offers remote, real-time debugging of scripts. This gives a tremendous advantage to embedded systems and Web developers, as debugging can be visually controlled from the developer's system.

rIDE adds new tools that emphasize the creation of scripts to the remote debugging we've offered since the original IDE (released with ScriptEase version 3).

Components of the new IDE

  • Help system - Help for the language, libraries, methods, and samples is integrated into one system. This help is available in many forms: HTML, Windows Help, RTF, combined with the editor, and in our manuals. This component solves the most difficult aspect of script building: knowing what is available and how to use it.

  • Editor - ScriptEditor provides language syntax highlighting, templates, smart editing, and search capabilities. Integration with the language help and debugging capabilities make this not just a text editor, but a script developer.

  • Debugger - Watch the scripts execute live on local or remote machines, and debug those scripts line-by-line and variable-by-variable. The debugger component brings the power of today's top-of-the line debugging environments to script development.

Goals of the new IDE

  • Reconfigurable - The IDE must work great Nombas' own products, but it must work equally well for ISDK licensees whose systems are often very unique with their own sets of libraries, objects, and methods. Through custom configuration of the editor, simple recreation of the help system (through ADS, our automated documentation system), and modification for the debugger proxy, the IDE can become the script developer for any ScriptEase-enabled product.

  • Focused on scripting - The IDE maintains its focus on "scripting", which is different than traditional development environments focused on "programming". The different focus is on ease-of-use, quick deployment, and casual use.

  • Open - All components of the IDE are customized through open interfaces. The editor and help system are created and modified based on editable text files. Also, the ScriptEase debugger interface is built around the API itself, with no special knowledge of our shipping debugger; different debugging tools can be inserted in place of our default.

By bringing these components together, while maintaining these goals, the new IDE furthers Nombas' commitment to Simplicity and Power Through Scripting.


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