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Scripting is the core technology behind Nombas. Since 1992 we have been creating simple, powerful, and embeddable script-language tools for the computer industry.

Traditionally, script or macro languages had always been a more simple way to control computer operations, but were limited to simple batch-like processing. With the award-winning release of our first product, Nombas showed that a script language could remain simple but could also be very powerful, with all of the capabilities of complicated system languages. Furthermore, we showed that script languages no longer were confined to standalone batch processing, but could be embedded into applications to fully interact with those applications for faster, safer development and customization. Throughout the maturation of our key language, and a few name changes (Cmm to ScriptEase to JavaScript), and the addition of WMLScript for wireless applications, Nombas has retained our commitment to Simplicity and Power Through Scripting.

Scripting is now recognized as the fastest, simplest, and most-flexible method to create IT programming solutions. Whether by linking components -- ActiveX, JavaBeans, Applications (thin, fat, new, or legacy), Libraries, Databases, HTML, and Servers --, allowing off-the-shelf applications to be customized, or automating workflow procedures, scripting has proven itself to be the way to build total solutions for the present and the future.

For embedded and standalone scripting needs, Nombas remains the leader in script technology.

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