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The Nombas Difference

 Why should I do business with Nombas? What's the difference?

Nombas' goal is to provide scripting tools that are compliant with the ECMAScript standard and compatible with JavaScript, and to make these tools easily integratable into a wide variety of IT systems. That is all we do, and all we've been doing for six years. That's the Nombas difference.

There are now multiple sources for scripting. But with those other vendors there is always a catch even when they seem to be giving something away: you must buy into their total solution, you must agree to their terms, you must bend your software to meet their model. They want you to further their agenda. Nombas has no other agenda, no ulterior motive. We just want to provide the scripting tools you need. That's the Nombas difference.

For years the IT community has spoken of the need for rapid and efficient application development through the use and re-use of components. But all too often that ideal falls apart when applied to intervendor development. Too often developer A recreates, rather than licenses, the components of developer B due to lack of trust, over-competitiveness, miscommunication, or not-invented-here-itis. What a waste! Think of Nombas, and the script tools we provide, as a rapid, efficient, and reusable component. That's the Nombas difference.

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